Valley View Ferry

While visiting Nicholasville KY I decided to treat myself and ride some nice back roads of central KY and take the Valley View Ferry across the Kentucky River. When I was in Jacksonville FL this spring and I rode a ferry across the St Johns River so I thought it would be cool to ride a familiar ferry in KY.  I have taken this ferry many times when I lived in the area but had never taken the ferry on a motorcycle.  So here are some pictures.


My first great adventure of 2016 Part 7

4/22/16  Had breakfast with Daughter, Son-In-Law and two beautiful Grand Daughters. In Savannah GA.                        I just love this picture.image1

Traveled north to Greenville SC, ran into more rain and had dinner with Mailene McWilliams, Mailene and I were in the same grade through elementary and high school.  We did not have a middle school, only about 25 in our graduating.  I think about 25 and can’t confirm that since I recycled (threw away) my year books years ago.  High school was not fun for me and I don’t have a lot of fond memories of The Plains High School.  So I moved on and never looked back.  Talking with Mailene taught me (and I knew this but it was great to confirm it)  that I have had a wonderful life with a beautiful wife for 46 years and three wonderful children who are now all supporting themselves which allows dad to buy motorcycles and travel.  Not a bad gig if you can find it and I did.

4/23/16  Home to East TN.  I traveled route 276 north and was glad to be back on some curvy roads.  Made it home OK and surprised myself that I was rested and did not need weeks to recover.  This tells me that I should be ready for another adventure in June.  Stay tuned and I hope to update frequently during my next adventure.  There may be a few small ones in the mean time and coffee shops too so stay tuned to learn more.

My first great adventure of 2016 Part 6

4/21/16  North to Savannah to visit with Daughter Son-In-Law and grand-kids who are on a mini vacation in Savannah.

St Augustine Coffee Shop
Traveled up A1A through St Augustine, took the ferry across the St Johns River and then further north through Amelia Island.  Lots of money here and not much for a traveling man on a motorcycle and limited income.  St Augustine is a beautiful city and I would like to visit again in the near future.  A lot of history here and lots of coffee shops.

St Johns River Ferry

My first great adventure of 2016 Part 5

4/19/16  Key West Florida.  Mary and I lived in Key West in the late 60’s and it was always a topic of conversation about a return trip.  Well we never made it, Cancer took Mary about 1 1/2 years ago and I think my trip this time on the motorcycle was a chance to look back at a wonderful  time in our lives and to relive some of the past memories.  Well I was disappointed in what I saw.  Key West now has a lot more people, the large high end stores have taken over and there are very few of the old Hippie style businesses I remember from a long time ago.  I guess that is progress and growth, I am sure every town wants to grow but with limited space on Key West the growth has taken a tole on ones ability to enjoy the island.DSCN1497

Parking was at a premium and being on the motorcycle made it easy to find a place to park.  Talking with the locals they tell me that people are having to move further north up the keys to find affordable housing.  I guess some 45 years makes a difference.


4/20/16  Headed north and stopped at Baby’s coffee for a little pick me up to get me charged for a long ride up the east coast of Florida.  Traveled 450 miles to just north of Daytona.



My first great adventure of 2016 Part 4

4/18/16 Left Fort Myers area and headed south, stayed on I75 for a while then switched off to 41 again and followed that through the Everglades to 997 then south to Rt.1 and the Keys.  300 miles today and arrived in Key West.  Route 1 was not too busy and the 7 mile bridge was fun.  You could see the old bridge that Mary and I traveled on years ago and parts of it were blown up for a movie.  The next day I went to the American Legion Post and exchanged a license plate from my local Post with them.  The plate was hung at the next Legion Riders meeting at Post 104 in Sevierville.

Cougar Crossing
Post 28 Key West FL

4/19/16  Spent the day riding around Key West and visited a coffee shop.  I will explain the need for coffee shop visits in a later post.  IMG_1820[1]