My first great adventure of 2016 Part 2

4/14/16 Left the Atlanta area and headed south towards Florida.  I made it to Gainesville FL about 360 miles from the Atlanta area, not much to report here the roads are straight and boring.  I stopped at an American Legion Post 58 Wall-Rivers but they were not open they were just getting ready for a yard sale.  Continued south on 441 towards Florida.  Now with roads as straight as an arrow, olive farms and absolutely no traffic I can honestly say that I did the TON, just for a few seconds but the 650 Kawasaki Versys will do it.  I immediately slowed down thinking if I ran off the road no one except the alligators would find me.  By the time I got to Gainesville it was raining again and quite windy.  The welcome to Florida sign lied to me, there was no sunshine.   Ordered a Pizza and stayed in the room getting to bed early.


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